Investing in America’s
Modern Main Street

The nation's largest owner of Walmart Shadow Centers in small-town America.

Our current Walmart Shadow Center portfolio is comprised of nearly 2.6 million square feet across 100 properties in 26 states.

Discovering an Overlooked Asset Class in Small Town America

Scaling in Small Towns


Small towns possess proven resilience and recession-proof fundamentals, without the volatility and complexity of larger markets.

Investing in

Shadow Centers
Walmart sits at the center of our communities’ daily lives and serves as a regional hub across rural America. Walmarts are strategically placed in small towns for highest performance and traffic.

A Hub for

Small-Town Necessities

The properties next to Walmart Shadow Centers are the modern Main Street of small towns- where America dines, shops, and fulfills its daily needs. We’re helping brands scale in small towns by buying and improving this overlooked asset class.

A Focused Team for

Accelerated Growth

We’ve built a team specialized for managing and scaling this asset class. Our platform and track record allow us to provide a superior experience for our tenants, a stable property portfolio for our investors, and one point of contact for brands ready to scale in small town America.

MRP News

The Unsexy Strategy that Created an Asset Class of Our Own

The Unsexy Strategy that Created an Asset Class of Our Own

At Midwest Retail Properties (MRP), our real estate journey didn’t take the conventional path. Our approach was not grandiose or ostentatious; it was practical, rooted in the daily needs of small-town communities. This article unveils how the seemingly unsexy yet foolproof model of focusing on the daily needs of small communities became the cornerstone of our success.

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