Leveraging Recession-Resilient Retail in Small Town America 

Our properties are positioned in high-traffic small town areas with proven traffic and essential businesses that thrive no matter the financial climate.

Discovering An Overlooked Asset Class

We saw an overlooked opportunity in small-town America. As the largest owner of Walmart Shadow Centers in small-towns nationwide, we have proven fundamentals and a formula for success for every property and tenant relationship.

our approach

The Nation’s Largest Owner of Walmart Shadow Centers in Small-Town America

Our current Walmart Shadow Center portfolio is comprised of nearly 2.6 million square feet across 100 properties in 26 states.

Recession-Proof Fundamentals

Recession Resilient

Because they provide essential

services, our asset class is proven

to withstand recessions and national

crises such as the pandemic.

A New target for national brands

Our property improvements and

nation-wide portfolio make it

possible for brands like T-Mobile,

Five Below, and Great Clips to lease

in small towns and scale.

Guaranteed Traffic

Positioning next to Walmart

guarantees that our centers

are the hub of the region.

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