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Why Invest with MRP? MRP is the largest landlord of Walmart Shadow Center shopping centers in small-town America. With a proven strategy and over a decade of growth, we continue to scale this asset class to an institutional level.

America's Modern Main Street

MRP's shopping centers are strategically positioned next to the primary grocer of the market and predominantly occupied by national credit retailers with essential services. This asset class possesses proven resilience and the opportunity to create outsized value.

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An Addressable Market for Growth

There are 4000+ properties that fit our model all across small-town America. Our current portfolio of 80+ properties is the largest in its niche and represents approximately 1.9% of the properties in the addressable market.

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Property Purchasing Criteria

Diverse tenant base by retail sector mix

Optimal vacancy to occupancy ratio

Attractive acquisition cap rate

Shopping centers where current tenant are paying low rents

Mismanaged or neglected properties for maximum value creation

Variety of local, regional and national tenancy

Retail Sectors

Essential Services

Essential service businesses with include cellular retailers, financial services, personal care salons, and other service providers. These businesses enjoy less competition and attract customers as far as 60 miles away, ensuring business sustainability and fostering long-term leasing relationships.

Essential Services

Discount Retail

Discount retail tenants enhance recession resilience, attracting budget-conscious shoppers and maintaining steady foot traffic, ensuring consistent rental income for landlords.

Discount Retail


Retail businesses in shopping centers offer diverse products, making the center a regularly visited, convenient one-stop-shop for daily needs.



From urgent service clinics to private practices, medical services in shopping centers draw consistent foot traffic, providing essential healthcare services and increasing customer visits

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