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The Largest Owner of
Walmart Shadow Centers in Small Town America




strategically placed next to high-traffic Walmarts

Anchored by Walmart

Walmart is the high-traffic anchor for all of our properties, ensuring a large, consistent customer base traveling to the trade area from surrounding towns.

High traffic + INcreased Visibility

All MRP properties are strategically located on highly-traffic thoroughfares and are highly visible.

resilient small town hubs

Positioning next to Walmart guarantees that our centers remain the hub of the region, even in hard times as small towns don’t experience the same volatility and complexity of larger markets.

Necessity-Based Tenant Mix

Because this asset class provides essential services and discount retail, our properties are proven to withstand recessions and outperform during economic uncertainty.

Scaling in Small Towns Nationwide

Small towns possess proven resilience and recession-proof fundamentals, without the volatility and complexity of larger markets.

A Hub for

Small-Town Necessities

The properties next to Walmart Shadow Centers are the modern Main Street of small towns- where America dines, shops, and fulfills its daily needs. We’re helping brands scale in small towns by buying and improving this overlooked asset class.

Investing in

Shadow Centers

All of our properties are expertly maintained, with regular updates that add value and improve every customer’s shopping experience. Through roof replacement, exterior paint and power washing, parking lot resurfacing, and more, as well as regular visits to the property, we make sure every center and tenant is positioned for growth.

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