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Our Story

The partners of MRP Capital Group have been syndicating real estate investments since 2010. From 2010 to 2015, the partners built a portfolio of over $37 million worth of single tenant, net lease retail properties in the discount dollar store space. While pursuing this strategy, partners Joe McClary and Jordan Breck began to recognize an over-looked asset class located in markets that do not attract competitors yet provide significant opportunities – Walmart-Anchored Shopping Centers.

MRP Capital Group purchased their first Walmart-Anchored Shopping Center in Waynesboro, MS in 2015. From there, the strategy and portfolio evolved as acquisitions were made, and equity capital was raised on a syndicate basis.

Our  Strategy Today

Now, MRP Capital Group continues to invest in Small-Town America through the Walmart-Anchored Shopping Center strategy. Our addressable market consists of 1,340 strong cities independent from conventional larger markets. Together, these communities are a vast market that traditional institutions overlook. Walmart sits at the center of this massive population’s daily lives and provides the data needed to prove the superior fundamentals of investing in small towns.

Our Team

What started as a small company of 6 in 2015 now employs more than 25 team members. All operations are managed in-house, and the teams handle every aspect of managing these assets: sales & leasing, acquisitions, accounting, asset management and property & construction management. Through experience, MRP Capital Group has learned that the only way to run the Walmart-Anchored Shopping Center asset class in Small-Town America to its full potential is to bring all operations in house. The team has created impressive efficiencies and worked hard to build departments that are capable of growing and supporting a large portfolio.



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